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hp_lowrating's Journal

The Lower Rating Advocators
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This community advocates low-rating HP slash. This community will not accept Gen and Het stories and art. We will accept male/male and female/female slash, however. The ratings allowed here are G, PG and PG-13.

Many underaged readers are forbidden to read or view highly graphic stories and art, but often are not given any alternatives by the slash-community on LiveJournal.

And there are some people who simply don't like extreme sex and violence.

This is where YOU can post stories of art that don't deal with these extremes. It doesn't mean that they are not serious; low-rating can be very serious, and deal with issues just as seriously as high rating materials.

Please have fun, enjoy your stay and spread the word!


No money is being made by the creators of this community; nor are the creators of this community connected in any way to JKR or WB -- the rightful owners of Harry Potter. All copywright and ownership belong to them.