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Songfic Series - Twin Flames

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Jun. 4th, 2016 | 07:06 pm
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posted by: magicallioness in hp_lowrating

Title: Twin Flames
Author: magicallioness
Rating: PG
Warning(s): strangeness, possibly unexplainable weirdness, boys kissing.

Beta: filleaspirant , and VMBell
Word count: 797
Disclaimer: Anything belonging to the HP universe belongs to J.K. Rowling and others who have bought the rights to meddle with her toys.
Anything that’s not is mine, unless stated otherwise. I’m just playing around here, not making money, so please don’t sue.
Author's note: Songfic Series. Song used: Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice Theme) - Jan Hammer. 
Summary: Harry takes a walk along the lake and finds something unexpected.

A cloud of white fog came rolling in over the lake as Harry walked along its banks. Whispering shrivels went past him with surprising speed and then he was lost, completely engulfed by the untouchable, moist material floating all around him. It formed tiny droplets on his cloak and hair, giving them an unnatural shine. Harry stood frozen, and smiled.
He could smell the lake on his right side. It smelled like rain after a hot, sunny day. The scent prickled in the back of his throat so that he could almost taste it. The lake, like the fog, talked to him too. The clear voices of the rippling waves calmed him.
Harry looked up, trying to catch a glimpse of the night sky. A patch of mist parted and he was given a view of the stars. It seemed like they had been strewn in the inky black heights carelessly, small and large spots of light, dancing around on their black stage without choreography. Harry, however, knew better. Orienting himself with the help of the dancing lights, he started walking again.
His feet made little sound on the moist ground of the lake's shores. The only thing that gave him away was the slight flapping of his cloak as it swung around his legs, the black fabric now heavy from the moisture. Harry stopped again, noticing that the droplets on his cloak seemed to be silver instead of colourless, like water was supposed to be. That's when he noticed him.
It had been the reflection of his silver hair in the water that had made the droplets appear so. Harry wondered if the other boy could do that to him too, to reflect on him so he looked sparkling silver, instead of the dead, black colour he had now. He grimaced at the thought that Voldemort hadn't even killed him and he looked dead already. Then he quickly looked at the other boy again, wondering if he had been spotted.
He hadn't. Draco was staring intently at the lake. His hair almost invisible in the white fog, his black cloak contrastingly so. It made him look like someone lost, rather than the nasty git Harry knew. He looked as if he couldn't decide what he wanted to be: a fading shadow or an ethereal creature. And then he turned around.
Harry looked straight into two silver pools of light. He was hypnotised by Draco's eyes. Normally void of any emotion whatsoever, they were swirling with all of them now. It was as though Draco had let everything he kept inside out all at once. And then Harry felt something shift. Something in his chest gave way and he stared mesmerised as two small clouds of fog made their way from his eyes to Draco's. They drifted slowly and gracefully through the fog, easily separated from it because they were not white, but silver.
As the two shrivels touched Draco's eyes, he closed them for a moment. Harry would never forget what happened next. When Draco opened his eyes again, they were literally glowing. Silver light shone from his eyes, casting the rest of his face in shadow. His hair seemed to be on fire. A cold, liquid, silver kind of fire that sent the shoulder-length locks flowing backwards on a wind Harry could not feel.
Draco spread his arms and rose from the ground. Floating inches from the shores of the lake, he looked up into the night sky and the mist parted for the piercing light of his eyes. When he looked at Harry again, the sharpness of the light was gone. What was left was an ethereal glow that made his whole face look peaceful and soft.
Harry smiled and spread his arms. The silver glowing boy stretched his arms towards him and slowly, gracefully, just like the fog, began to float towards Harry. As he came closer, Harry could clearly see it was still Draco. Behind the silver glow, his eyes were exactly like he saw them earlier: two silver-grey pools, swirling with emotion. Pain, hurt, love, loneliness, anger, happiness, sorrow, everything shone through all at once.
Draco landed right in Harry's arms and Harry was surprised to find he fitted there quite well. The other boy sighed softly as he closed his eyes. When he opened them again the silver glow was gone, but not the turmoil of emotion. Slowly his hair fell back down on his shoulders, as he looked into Harry's eyes and smiled.
It was the first genuinely happy smile Harry had ever seen from Draco. Slowly he bent his head and kissed him, slightly surprised by Draco's willing response. When he looked back up into the silver eyes the storm of emotion was gone.
There was only peace.
And Harry smiled.

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